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Outdoor Living

Today's lifestyle is all about making use of the outdoor space as much as the interior space. Infrared heating is the perfect solution for this! Objects and people are warmed almost instantly with beautiful infrared Hot Art™. Infrared technology allows the panel to heat the same amount of space outdoors even with the turbulence caused by drafts and breezes. Use your outdoor space all year with the comfort of Hot Art™.


Perfect for resorts and hotels in outdoor dining/event areas, lobbies, and meeting rooms. Ideal solution for lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, and individual offices. Replace conventional propane heaters with our infrared panels for a more energy efficient way to heat your outdoor setting. Panels can even be mounted on the ceiling to save space. You can also download our Builder Product Sheet for more information!

  • Hospitality
  • Office Lobbies
  • Spas
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms

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View Gallery


Would you like to feature your art as a piece available to customers for Hot Art? Download our Application Form, email it to us at support@brzbrands.com we will happily review your application for inclusion on our website's gallery!