High-Performance Builders' Series

BRZ Brands High-Performance Builers' Series panels are designed and crafted with the best far infrared technology available today. They are designed for residential and commercial construction as an energy-efficient alternative to conventional heating solutions. The panels can be integrated easily in new construction or used in remodeling projects. They offer exceptional value for spot or zone heating applications.

They can be also used in modular construction, schools, outdoor living, sunrooms, etc., or anywhere low-energy consumption heating is desired.

Next Generation Far Infrared Technology

  • Superb thermodynamic design - Heat more space with less energy and smaller size panels
  • LED Lighting and FIR integration - The same panel can heat and illuminate your space in an incredibly energy-efficient way.
  • Ease of installation and control - BRZ Brands panels are as easy to install as a light fixture or hanging a piece of art (for mobile models). They can be controlled by everything from a switch to home automation.
  • Fan-free - There are no fans in BRZ Brands panels to stir the dust and allergens, thus making them a favorite with allergy-sufferers.
  • Unrivaled aesthetics - From beautiful art to functional mirrors and lights, BRZ Brands has developed this unique merge of the +tech +sustainability +art market needs.

You're In Control

  • Switch
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Remote / Dimmer
  • Regular Thermostat
  • Presence Detectors
  • Most Home Automation Receivers

BRZ Brands Far Infrared panels can be wired individually, in series, or by zone for maximum efficiency.

Take Us Anywhere

BRZ Brands Builers' Series Far Infrared heating panels are incredibly easy to install whether it's indoors, outdoors, etc. They are great for whole home heating, especially with ceiling mounts. They can be used in restrooms, lobbies, spa treatment rooms, meeting rooms, outdoor dining and event venues, or anywhere energy-efficient heat is needed.

Because it heats objects and not the air, BRZ Brands Far Infrared Panels are perfect for outdoor living. There are no ducts or exhausts. There are no fuels to stock.

It's Ok, Leave Us Hanging

BRZ Brands manufacturers far infrared panels are even LED/Far Infrared combination panels that simply drop into a typical gypsum or aluminum suspended ceiling. In addition they can be suspended or mounted overhead, making them perfect for offices, schools, places of worship, and factories.

You Don't Have To Choose Between Us

Our LED and FIR combination panels offer the best of all worlds in a simple, incredibly thin lighting and heat combination panel. That's right, the soothing spa-quality heat of far infrared is now combined with the brilliance of LED lighting in the same panel. It's an optimal energy-efficient solution for both heating, and lighting, only available from BRZ Brands.

See How Good You Look

You control the LED. Set it for office lighting, gentle and warm lighting, or daylight, all with a simple click.

Streamline Design

BRZ LED-FIR Panels feature a streamline design that is incredibly low-profile, and it can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

Commercial Builders - We Haven't Forgotten You!

We manufacture a line of LED, FIR, and LED/FIR combination panels for aluminum suspended ceiling systems, all with the same control and energy-efficient features.

Installation Options