What Is Hot Art?

Blending high-style and functionality, each work of art is actually a far infrared heater. Available in a huge variety of sizes and designs, each piece of Hot Art can be customized to fit perfectly into its surroundings.

Customize Your Art

You can even customize your Hot Art using your own high-resolution image. That's right, we can use a favorite family photo, a picture of your children or your pets, or even your own digital art to create your Hot Art.

Energy Efficient & Affordable

Hot Art is highly energy-efficient and affordable, in addition to being beautiful and environmentally friendly.

How Efficient Is It?

Operating Costs

A 600 watt piece of Hot Art will generally heat about the same area as a 1500 watt traditional space heater. That's a savings of about 60%!

Cost Of Ownership

Hot Art has a rated life expectancy of more than 25 years. The consumer will likely purchase several replacement space heaters over the same period of time. Also, Hot Art does not require the use of humidifiers to maintain comfort, another savings.

Heating Efficiency

Hot Art can be used for zone heating an entire home. If the consumer gets up in the morning, goes in the bathroom, then the kitchen, before leaving for the day, there is no need to heat an entire home.

Far Infrared Heating Is Perfect For a Number of Applications!

Indoor Or Outdoor!

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